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Ever look at someone who is relentless and unstoppable and wonder, what is that? What drives them? What made them this way? The Lower Third hopes to answer that question.

October 27, 2020

How To Become The New Rich Through Financial Literacy | Maurice Philogene | The Lower Third

Senior Executive, Real Estate Investor, Restaurant Owner, Explorer of 96 Countries, Public Servant (Federal Agent & Police Officer) and Aspiring Philanthropist, Maurice Philogene, has a passion of serving clients in the consulting space and Financial Freedom via passive income. He acquires multi-family properties to generate passive income and build legacy. 

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Key Takeaways:
• Maurice talks a little bit about his background of personal and professional life [1:44] 
• Maurice talks about what he is into the most right now and how he’s using it to help people [5:07]
• Maurice also talks about the importance of having a team that works together for you and your success [6:39]
• Maurice talks about the importance of working with people that are more life focused instead of people that are focused on the money [10:00]
• Maurice talks about diversity in the real estate world and in the investment world [12:25]
• Molly and Maurice talks about some of the barriers associated with business and how you could overcome them [12:50]
• Maurice talks about why other people don't get into business for themselves or find ways to generate revenue [18:55]
• Maurice talks about the impact that COVID had on their industry especially the real estate industry [21:14]
• Maurice talks about how a business is a cycle and how things are related and why there should not be a moratorium of anything  [24:50]
• Molly and Maurice talk about the benefit of getting financial education and why it come in handy especially in crisis such a COVID [27:00]
• Maurice talks about owner financing and its importance in the business world [35:00]
• Maurice talks about investing your money to give you returns so that you can now invest in the quality of life and not the other way round [40:00]
• Molly and Maurice talks about the importance of entrepreneurs giving the information they have on how to become successful to others [41:30]
• Maurice also talks about the importance of working online such that you can work from anywhere [43:50]
• Maurice talks about the importance of making friends and learning what they do in their businesses when you get to travel [50:00]
• Molly talks about the greatest gift the pandemic has given us which is the gift of self-reflection [58:35]
• Molly and Maurice talks about working harder now and not waiting until you retire [59:15]

Shows Mentioned: 

Books Mentioned: 
MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins
The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Quotes Mentioned: 
“When there's blood in the streets, that's when there's opportunity.”
“Anything is possible.”
“The wealthy and the secret of the rich is that they focus on making money grow one way or the other.”
“Freedom = time + mobility.”

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